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The marriage of two Christians possesses a unique character: it is a visible sign of Christ's love to the couple, and through them a sign of Christ's love and living presence among humankind. This love is characterized by the Biblical idea of covenant. That is, covenant love is the bond of a solemn promise of two people who commit themselves to each other in the present for an unknown future.Couple1small

To be married in the Catholic Church means far more than to have the wedding ceremony in a church building. While marriage as a " contract " is legally binding, a covenant is spiritually and morally binding. The couple are the ministers of the sacrament: they are ministers of love to each other and to the Christian family from the day they are wedded.

The many pressures facing marriage and family life in today's secularized world require that the Christian community help our engaged couples prepare for life together, a life that is sacramental in character and attitude. - ( Taken from the Diocese of Norwich marriage preparation guide, Office of Family Life, (860) 889-8346 ) or on-line

Couples "should be obliged to attend one series" of classes on NFP ( Diocesan Canonical Guidelines for Marriage, Nov. 1, 2000,- # F.) Please also see Natural Family Planning, and theology of the body links below.

* For more information call the St. Joseph parish office 871-1970, M-F 9a.m.- 12 noon,- your parish, or the parish nearest you.

* Plans should be made at least 12 months in advance.

New - Online Marriage Preparation Course
This course is not a substitute for paish or diocesan-based Marriage-Prep courses, please check with your parish first.
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COUPLE TO COUPLE LEAGUE - Marriage & Family information and resources.

Theology Of The Body - Prof. Christopher West

Pope John Paul II devoted the first major teaching project of his pontificate
– 129 short talks between September of 1979 and November of 1984 –
to providing a profoundly beautiful vision of human embodiment and erotic love. He gave this project the working title "theology of the body."
Christopher West has also lectured on a number of prestigious faculties, offering graduate and undergraduate courses at St John Vianney Seminary in Denver, the John Paul II Institute in Melbourne, Australia, and Creighton University’s Institute for Priestly Formation in Omaha. Hundreds of thousands have heard him on national radio programs.


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